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Product Package with yellow detail, Brown meat from the claws and legs
Brown meat from the claws and legs

Brown meat from the
claws and legs

Crab meat, hand-picked by live steamed blue swimming crabs.

It stands out for its darker color. This crab meat has the strongest flavor in all AEGEAN GOURMET series products. It is an absolute taste sensation! Served as an appetizer. Add just extra virgin olive oil, a touch of lemon juice, salt and pepper. It’s the ideal ingredient in your green salad. Quick, easy and delicious. It’s the best ingredient to make great pasta dishes.


declaration Per 100g
Energy 390kJ / 92kcal
Fat 0,4g
  of which saturates    0,2g
Carbohydrate 1,1g
  of which sugars 0,4g
Proteins 21g
Salt 0,65g


Shelf life 45 days

NET WT: 200g℮



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