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Linguine with bolognese sauce
Linguine with bolognese sauce

Linguine with
bolognese sauce

Mediterranean Recipes

Ingredients: 64% Bolognese sauce [tomato, pork minced meat,  white wine (contain sulfites), onions, extra virgin olive oil, basil, parsley, chicken broth (salt, glucose syrup, yeast extract, flavorings (contain egg), hydrolysed vegetable proteins, corn starch, sugar, olive oil, chicken meat extract (1%), spice extracts (contain celery), onion powder, garlic powder, spices) herbs and spices], 33% cooked linguine pasta (wheat semolina, water), hard cheese [cow milk, salt, microbial rennet, culture, preservative: lysozyme (contains egg)], salt.

Declaration Per 100g
Per serving
Energy 951kJ/227kcal
2853kJ/681kcal 34%
Fat 9,5g
28,5g 41%
of which saturates 2,4g
7,2g 38%
Carbohydrate 25,9g
77,7g 30%
of which sugars 2,4g
7,2g 8%
Proteins 8,7g
26,1g 52%
Salt 0,73g
2,19g 37%

 * RI (%) Reference Intake of an average adult 8400kJ/2000kcal

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Mediterranean Recipes

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